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management and control of private individuals; thus converting these indispensable elements of life and comfort into money getters for wealth, and subtracting to an unnecessary degree from the profits of industry and the savings of labor

. We shall now suppose that your city has arrived at the termination of its fourth decade. Its population has increased two-fold, and its land value has quadrupled; but it is noticeable that your products of industry have not kept pace in their value with this enormous appreciation, and your ground rents alone now consume every ten years the whole cost of all buildings and their con

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  • tents. In other words, every vestige of the accumulated labor of your city goes into the pockets of its landlords every ten year

    s. Change now becomes apparent in social life. Competiti

  • on has now reduced the wages of labor, and it has very nearly lost its abi

    lity to share in some of the minor operations

  • of capital. The struggles of increasing numbers, precisely the same influence[Pg 1

    59] which has depressed wages, have advanced land.